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Hi there! This recipe looks great. May I ask where you got those jam jars? I love the red gingham. They look like the Bon Mamman jars. All I can ever find are the bell jars with the gold lids.

By the way, I make your gooey eggs all the time now. They are so good!


Hi! They ARE Bonne Maman jars - good eye! We go through a lot of it in this house, so I save them for jarring/gift giving in the fall...

So glad you love the gooey eggs!


Camryn Hite

I am dying to see your thanksgiving!


i made some apple turnovers this morning...and was thinking the only way to enhance them is to put some apple butter in with the mix! Thanks for the recipe. I'm gonna have to try it :)


Thanks! I was hoping you bought them somewhere. Oh well. I'll just have to eat lots of jam!

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