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you will be missed.
by yours truly.



cool site! you have great taste! assuming -- since i see you are taking a hiatus -- that you see this and wish to reply, i have a question: i recently came across your site and bookmarked a page that had this super cool Nico t-shirt, but now the bookmark won't allow me to go to the original page and after surfing through your archive pages i still can't find it. can you help me out?


Oh - I'm so sorry. It's probably my fault: your burst of fabulous creativity for my banner must have pushed you over the edge... :)

I hope you'll start blogging again some day.



Please say it isn't so...


I'll miss your "voice".
Until next time,


I wish you a good time and await your comeback. I'm sure it will be something exciting as you are talented in so many different fields!


ooh. you are going to be away for a while..? I came over from decor8. I check your blog out everyonce in a while. My last post was about Athena & I thought I should leave a link just for the lark- incase you have the time or the inclination here it is :) www.artnlight.blogspot.com

Gypsy Purple

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!! Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous 2008!!!



Just happened to stumble onto your blog. Looks pretty classy. Even I happen to maintain a blog at Shayon's Labyrinth. I have been searching for a graphic designer who could help me in designing a better layout for my blog. I was hoping if you'd be interested.



Oh, I'm so sad. I love your blog. Hope all is well and that you return to us soon.

Lisa and fellow Aries

I am sad to hear this news! I love your art work! I love you sense about life in general! You will be missed. Yours is the only blog that I read. Take care! Hopefully this is for a brighter and happy future with your 3 angels and I hope that nothing has happened to darken your sparkle!

sabine Brandt

· { take care, and enjoy life, peace sabine } ·


we will miss you.

joanna goddard

have a good break xoxo


I really love your blog. You have great things to look at and your posts are so interesting.Cambria

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Be happy..!!! God is there with you...!!


I hope you will come back soon.

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